Thursday, February 20, 2014

AncestorCloud: Sharing Made Simply - a RootsTech Vendor

The following is from AncestorCloud.

The two biggest headaches genealogists have (well, after the obvious one of not being able to find that elusive ancestor) are how to safely store all those photos and documents, and then how to effectively and simply share them. You try to find ways to showcase to family and friends the research that you are finding and connect with other genealogists. And sharing your information gets downright expensive and time-consuming when you’re handing out dozens of burned CDs and thumb drives, and reams of copied genealogies.

Ancestor Cloud answers those problems, plus much more. Ancestor Cloud lets you store your documents and photos offsite, in the cloud. Its crowning feature is that it lets you share your files with a simple emailed invitation to family and friends. They access only the sections of your files you invite them to, and you never burn another CD again.

Ancestor Cloud is designed with networking in mind. You choose whether to post your information for the whole community or just your family. Gain the interest of family and friends by showcasing your research in a simple, easy-to-access way. Discuss photos and documents you post with others. Connect with other genealogists, and learn how they organize and store their research. Browse public records on the site by type, category, user, or chronology. Expand your own cloud of files from others. Keep in the research loop with the friends you’re following and see what they’re uploading.

Check out the prototype at today. Leave your email address and you’ll soon receive an invitation to join. Meanwhile, get your records ready because they’ll soon be heading safely to the cloud, and you’ll be building a network that can take your research to a new level.

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