Thursday, February 20, 2014

V-Day Gift for your Kids (in 20 Years) by StoryKeep

The following is from StoryKeep.

StoryKeep: Recording Dad's Stories

There are things you can't put a pricetag on...
  • How did you feel the day your first child was born?
  • What does your family's immigration story mean to you?
  • How do your parents' life stories and values affect your own life?
Give the gift of stories, memories & legacy.
  • Video biographies
  • Heirloom family books
  • Oral histories
  • Private family websites  
Receive 15% OFF all projects until February 28th.
See samples and learn more at
StoryKeep creates timeless works of narrative art. We make it our business to help individuals preserve the treasured stories that create a family history.

Contact us at or 917-310-4861 to learn more.


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