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LDSTech Newsletter, February 2014

The following is from LDSTech.

February LDSTech Broadcast

Jim Byer will be giving the presentation “Windows 8 Gospel Library” at noon MST on Friday, February 8, 2014.

The Gospel Library for Windows 8 was originally developed last year. An LDSTech community of .NET Developers was formed to convert it to Windows 8.1, update the content, fix some bugs, and release it to the Microsoft Windows Store. That release was posted December 26, 2013. Read more »

Kick Off the Year with Chris Dancy at 2014's New RootsTech
Innovator Summit!

New in 2014, RootsTech Innovator Summit is a unique opportunity for software developers, entrepreneurs, and technology business leaders to explore and influence technology solutions in the family history industry. Read more »

LDSTech’s Connection in India: Uday Teki

At the LDSTech Conference it became obvious that Church tech is beginning to flood the world.  Areas which have been restricted to the gospel are being opened throughtechnology -- some of these places include parts of India. Uday Tecki  is an LDSTech chapter president in India.  He came to Utah to attend general conference, a BYU Management Conference, and the LDSTech Conference.  Read more.>

An LDSTech International Trio

International attendees at the 2013 LDS Tech Conference included LDS Tech Chapter members from India, Africa, and Brazil, among others. The Chapter President from India was Uday Teki (see separate spotlight article). From Benin, Africa, was Mafoya Joel Dossoumon. From Brazil were Caesar Silva and GiullianeCristine Nunes Ferraz.   Read more »

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