Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legacy Family Tree - adds FamilySearch-Certified Tools

The following is from the Legacy News.

Free Legacy Family Tree update now available (version - adds FamilySearch-Certified Tools

We have another great new update for our Legacy Family Tree 8 users (free) for you to download. This update adds new FamilySearch-certified tools such as Sources, Discussions, Change History, and more. It also addresses minor issues that you have reported since our initial release of Legacy 8.
See the download instructions below for step-by-step instructions on installing this update.
What's New
FamilySearch Family Tree Interaction. FamilySearch's Family Tree is a collaborative online tree where researchers interact with a large, unified database of connected genealogical information. It is one of the must-visit sites to compare what you know about an ancestor with what others have shared. Legacy's FamilySearch tools provide the ability to:
  • Check and compare the FamilySearch Family Tree for possible matches with your ancestor.
  • Link your Legacy person to the Family Tree person so Legacy can monitor for any changes/updates made by other researchers. Legacy can also "Auto Match" your Legacy file.
  • Add your Legacy person to the Family Tree for others to view. Maybe you will find a new cousin or two!
  • Share information you might have about an ancestor already in the Family Tree. You can help fill in the gaps or missing information for someone else.
  • Download information that others have published. A complete citation is added to any information you download so you know exactly where it came from.
  • Know how "complete" your genealogy is. The percentage tracker can help you manage your genealogy projects so you are not so overwhelmed.
  • LDS members:
    • Reserve and print Family Ordinance Requests (FORs)
    • Organize and share ordinance cards with friends and family
To get started, turn on the FamilySearch option in Legacy by going to Options > Customize > General Settings > and turn on the option to "Integrate with FamilySearch". Of course, this tool is completely optional. (cont'd)

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