Thursday, February 20, 2014

Introducing File Grove a RootsTech vendor

The following is from File Grove.

BILLINGS, Mont. – File Grove is an innovative and user-friendly web site – primarily for genealogists – but also for their family members who crave peace of mind knowing a lifetime of work will be saved electronically and not just in a box in the attic or on an antiquated hard drive.

“I created File Grove as a gift to my mom,” said Shonda Schallenberger. “But it’s also a gift to me and my family. Heaven forbid anything happen to Mom and we’re left with filing cabinets of her research not knowing what to do with it.”

File Grove is online library of genealogical research where subscribers can digitally preserve family history files, organize and retrieve information easily and post digitized photos and documents for others to access. The site also has social media capabilities where genealogists can interact through blogs, posts and messaging.

File Grove is more than just a file hosting web site with its user-friendly features to download, upload, manage, organize and share. File Grove will quickly become an industry leader in family history file management.

“Without File Grove, many of our unique family memories could be lost forever.” – Lori Schallenberger

“My mom (Lori) is the family history expert in our extended family as well as for a lot of people at church and in the community,” Shonda said. “Some days she’ll get a call with a question about a name or event and she’s happy to find the answer but sometimes it takes hours to sift through her paperwork. With File Grove, all she’ll need to do is search a key word and answer their question while they’re still on the phone.”

File Grove’s storage capability is unlimited and is built for beginners as well as seasoned genealogists. It’s also a new opportunity to electronically save unconventional records like love letters, personal histories and certificates of accomplishment, in addition to standard documents like birth certificates and newspaper clippings.    

“It’s like she’s built a new library and is now waiting for a shipment of books to arrive.” – Lori Schallenberger  

Users have a free option where they can upload and digitally back-up all their records and photographs, up to 100 files. Those involved in regular research and extensive projects may want to sign up for a minimal annual membership which allows them to access the site anytime, search for files and information, even start their own blog and social networking with other genealogists.
“My mom is my inspiration for developing File Grove,” said Shonda. “I wanted to find a way to keep all the information she knew about the documents in her genealogy files so that generations to come would know who their ancestors were by name and by story. I was so afraid that someday I would end up with a box of photographs and not know who was in them.“

File Grove is entirely web-based, so no software needs to be downloaded. All PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF files are stored on secured servers.

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