Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Corrections to: New FamilySearch Coming Soon to All Family History Consultants

This is a correction to my previous article on New FamilySearch Coming Soon to All Family History Consultants. I received the following email from my FamilySearch source and I am reprinting most of it here.


We read your blog posting regarding the meeting with Randy Bryson with some interest and feel that there needs to be some clarification on a couple of points.

The first bullet point about “All registered” consultants having access within days is not completely true. We hope to begin providing access to some consultants soon but this effort will be spread over several weeks’ time. Encouraging the consultants to register, if they haven’t, is great!

Points 2 & 3 are not completely accurate. On June 9th, the Timpanogos Temple will switch over to a new process for recording ordinances. The temple can still accept and process a TempleReady disk but it is more difficult for them to do so. Consequently, we want to encourage patrons to take their TempleReady disks to the family history center and have them processed into new FamilySearch and have FORs printed. However, the temple can still process the disks in situations where the centers may be closed or otherwise unavailable to the patron.

Regarding the last bullet, the website is for consultants/directors, not for use by members. The website will most likely only confuse and possibly frustrate members.

Finally, please remove the information about Family Tree replacing the existing new FamilySearch interface. Nothing regarding the Family Tree has been finalized at this time.

I’m hoping you can modify your post to help with these clarifications. Thanks again for all you do to help get the word out about family history.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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James Tanner said...

In the What's new section of New FamilySearch as of May 2009, it states

"The Family Tree project is redesigning the look of the new FamilySearch Web site to make it easier to use.
You are invited to preview and give feedback on this new look while it is still being developed. When it is
finished, this look will be used on the new FamilySearch Web site."

So technically, Family Tree Project will not "replace" New FamilySearch but it probably turns out to be about the same thing according to FamilySearch. It seems there is some degree of confusion on the subject.

James Tanner