Saturday, August 31, 2013

SLCC Genealogy Course: Post #2 - Offline

I have learned one terrible thing about taking an online course. It's really hard to do your assignment when your internet goes down for days. To say I was upset about the whole internet situation was an understatement. Not only did I have my class assignment locked into cyber space. I also couldn't work all my hours for RootsMagic or meet a deadline on a project I was doing for a client.

The internet was restored late Friday afternoon and I have been rushing to get caught up ever since. I do have a public library and the local family history center a few blocks from my home. If only doing this week's class assignment was my only concern, than it would have been a piece of cake to get that done by now. I had to ration my internet time and school work got bumped.

Now that I can look back at this week objectively, I realized that if I had been driving a car to school and my car had broken down, I would have experienced the same frustrations. At least with an online class I still have time to get my assignment done by this coming Wednesday's due date. I didn't get docked any points for not attending a class. Plus cars that break down mean major money out of your pocket to fix the problem.  It took money to fix my internet problems, but it was a couple thousand dollars out of their pocket and not mine. So, given all that, I'd much rather be taking the class online.

The assignment for class this week involved watching some videos and some reading assignments. We learned how to enter data into RootsMagic, gather information from family members, and cite our sources. I had to start a new blank database and add myself, parents and grandparents. I couldn't GEDCOM that information into the database I had to type it myself. While I was entering information I realized I hadn't entered two aunts death dates and obituary info. So I went back and fixed that in my main database.

I also realized I don't have documentation on my parents or grandparents birth, deaths or marriages. A lot of that was obtained directly from them or my parents. I have pictures of their tombstones, obituaries (not all), censuses (some), a couple death certificates but my goodness these people were living since vital records were kept. I need to order these now if I have any chance of getting them before this semester is done.

Yup, I really needed to take a basic genealogy class because I obviously over-looked some things.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Family history mission leads to family, ward blessings for one convert

This really great article can be found in the 25 Aug 2013 edition of the Deseret News. 

Family history mission leads to family, ward blessings for one convert

By Emily Christensen
For the Deseret News
Published: Sunday, Aug. 25 2013 5:00 a.m. MDT

A year after I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was called on a 30-month family history mission, beginning in September 2010. I served from home, working on my own computer at my own pace and on my own schedule.
I was thrilled there was a way for me, a new convert in my 30s with a job, to still serve a mission. I was assigned to the International Research Team, and my specific duty was replying to emails from patrons asking for help with challenging ancestors who had them stumped. This seemed to me a way to pay restitution, since I had been the challenging member of my own family!
The blessings of serving this mission included an increase of love for my own family, delightful discoveries of personal stories of my own ancestors, a distinct thinning of the veil and sacred experiences in the temple. Reunions with my own parents, the baptism of my brother (who is now serving a mission on the tech team) and his children, and the sealing of my brother and his wife also came about.
Not the least of the blessings was my very own sealing in the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple to my husband for time and all eternity.
With all those blessings, I gladly accepted the invitation to extend my mission for two more years. My assignments shifted over time as I got to work on different projects, from the Wiki to Facebook pages, and now I am excited to be working on a call center that can be more accessible for the deaf and others with hearing loss and helping transcribe the online training videos.
During my mission, my father died of cancer. He was not a member of the LDS Church, but he had worked in Veterans Affairs in Iowa City with a friend who was LDS. This friend had given my father the “genealogy bug,” laying the foundation for much of the temple work my brother and I were able to do so quickly after our own conversions.
My mother was not a Mormon, either, but she loved indexing and had fun accumulating points for the work she did. She often found old records of family or loved ones, contributing to our growing understanding and documented genealogical records.
In January of this year, my brother and I were able to complete our father’s work in the temple. This was a powerful and emotional day. It was particularly special because the youth group from my own ward was there to share the experience with us.
One week later, my mother was killed in a car accident. (cont'd)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SLCC Genealogy Course: Post #1 - Offer, Acceptance and the Adventure Begins

While attending the BYU Family History and Genealogy Conference, I had lunch with Karen Clifford. She is among other things, one of the instructors and curriculum developers of the Salt Lake Community College, Continuing Education - Genealogy Program. Once again I longed to have the time and money to take their genealogy course.

When you attend genealogy conferences over the years you start to hear the same things repeated. The classes are usually an hour long and the poor instructors have the challenge of teaching you everything they know on the subject in that short time frame. Don't get me wrong, I'm always learning new things, but I often feel like the class I attended just scratched the surface of a subject. While at the BYU Conference I happened to remark to Janet Hovorka that I would take any genealogy class, anyone offered me, because I never get enough. I would love to take more advanced classes but I couldn't afford to. I didn't realize at the time she was also an instructor at the Salt Lake Community College's Genealogy Program.

Janet emailed me Fri Aug 16th with an idea. Would I be interested in auditing the Salt Lake Community College's Genealogy program, as a non-credit student, in exchange for blogging about it.  I've had some great offers for blogging before but this takes the cake.  I said Yes, IMMEDIATELY.

The following Monday, Aug 19th, Kathy Jonsson, Program Coordinator at Salt Lake Community College, called me and presented the offer. The tuition would be waved in exchange for me blogging once a week my experience going through their Genealogy courses. This was an experiment for them. They wanted to see if a blogger reporting their experience going through the course, would be more effective then spending money on more traditional advertising methods.

My big question was "When does the class begin?"  I was told I could start in January 2014 or begin that coming Wednesday, Aug 21st. I thought for a minute and realized my life wasn't going to be any less busy in January than it is right now. It was easy then to say "Sign me up! I'll start Wednesday."

So this past Wednesday I began a new adventure in life. I am a college student once again. Its been a long time since I attended college and things have changed. One of the greatest things about attending Salt Lake Community Colleges' Genealogy course is its all online. Yup, from the comfort of my own home I am attending college. There is no way I could be doing this if I had to commit to a specific day and time in a physical classroom right now.  I completed the Lesson 1 assignments this week by doing them in little chucks of time.  My most common time being online was about 11:00 pm at night. I don't know of any college offering classes at that time of the day.

This is the Salt Lake Community Colleges description for the Genealogy program.
Whether you plan to become a professional researcher or want to record family information for future generations, SLCC offers courses that will fit your needs. Develop solid research and organizational skills and learn to properly use genealogical records. All program courses are offered online and can be taken as credit or non-credit. SLCC offers pathways focused on International or U.S. genealogical research. 6 classes are required to complete the program and earn a certificate.
The first course in the program is "Computer & Internet Tools for Genealogy". Here is the description.
Introduction to genealogy computer programs and basic genealogy skills used to conduct research and document records with appropriate citations. Students will learn how to use Internet tools for genealogy research. U.S. and International focus.
Each course is 15 weeks long. They are 3 credit hours, so that works out to 10 hours of class and homework time a week. Lesson 1 did not take me 10 hours to complete. That is not surprising since I found they were using RootsMagic as their genealogy software program for the course. I kinda have that one under my belt since I work for RootsMagic. I also already had a Google account setup. I had to read the syllabus, read about my instructor, who is Janet Hovorka by the way, watch a short video, and schedule to attend an online webinar. Yup, that webinar was already on my calendar.

The part of the assignment that DID take the most time was introducing myself to my fellow classmates. I always struggle with that. I hate making a first impression and fear I will sound like a dork. We have class members from all different walks of life and age, it appears that the only common thing among us is the desire to learn more about our families.  I found myself envious of the students with no prior experience in doing genealogy. How I wished I had the opportunity to attend a structured course on genealogy when I first began. It would have prevented a ton of bad "learning experiences" along the way. They are going to learn good research skills and practices right from the start. Me, I'm sure I'm going to have to learn to break some bad habits picked up over the years.

So, I hope you will join me in my new genealogy adventure. I'm just so excited about this that my toes tingle. At the same time I fear I could fall flat on my face in front of all of you.  Either way I'm going to learn something new and get better at doing something I love.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

Ogden Family History Conference - 14 Sep 2013

The following is from the Ogden FamilySearch Library.
conference poster jpg

For more information, please click here:  Ogden FamilySearch Library/Conference

Ohana Software Fall Family Hsitory Webinars

The following is from Ohana Software.

Webinar & Class Schedule

 Fall 2013 Classes

Summer is almost over! Gardens are being harvested and vacations have been taken. It is time for us to return with added enthusiasm to our family history research. There is no better way to start than to take some classes and learn some new tricks.  Join us for our FREE webinars.

ResearchTies: Log your Research & Stay on Track 

Presenter: Hannah Z. Allan
Development and Promotion,

Genealogy requires a commitment to organization, but without the right tools it can quickly get out of hand. Easy to use for the novice, yet powerful enough for the professional, ResearchTies is a one-of-a-kind, searchable research log. No more combing through stacks of handwritten notes or print-outs! ResearchTies enables users to search and sort all objectives, searches, discoveries, and to-do's within seconds. In addition, users can record web links and upload images to facilitate quick and easy viewing of documents. Come learn how research logs and ResearchTies will keep you on track and put you on the road to a paperless office and an organized genealogy mind.
Tuesday September 24, 2013                        Register Now

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM MDT  
RecordSeek Tree Connect: Successful Sourcing from your Digital Documents 

Presenter: Cina Johnson
Ohana Software/Real-Time Collaboration
Customer Service and Training

If you plan ahead, you can achieve the desired results when uploading and creating your own source with RecordSeek Tree Connect.  This webinar will focus on the process of checking your document image to ensure it will be the optimal size for FamilySearch.  You will learn how to resize your file if it is too large.  We will also review how to create a source for your document that is helpful to others.
If you like Tree Connect for adding sources from websites but have shied away from uploading digitized documents in your possession, this class should inspire you.  Now that FamilySearch provides us with a place and Tree Connect provides the means, your precious one-of-a-kind family records can be preserved and shared.Thursday October 10, 2013              Register Now 
7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. MDT

CIG Conference - Hispanic Research

The following is from FamilySearch, BYU and  Asociación Iberoamericana de Genealogía

Do you have Hispanic ancestry or help others who do?

In just a couple of weeks you will have a unique opportunity to attend the Conferencia Iberoamericana de Genealogía, held September 9-14th at the Brigham Young University Salt Lake Center in downtown Salt Lake City. The theme of the conference is “Familias que cruzaron fronteras,” or “Families Who Crossed Borders.” 

The highlight of the conference will be classes given free to the public on Friday, September 13th, and Saturday, September 14th at the Brigham Young University Salt Lake Center located at 345 W. North Temple. The variety of the classes and their instructors is unprecedented within the United States or anywhere in the world. Presenters are experts in their fields and in their respective countries in genealogy research. Classes of interest include those for the novice beginner, the professional genealogist, and everyone in between. Immigration is a common theme for everyone whose ancestors came to the Americas and this conference will feature experts from around the world who will present classes and papers on this and related subjects. Besides the topic of immigration other class subjects include: research tips and strategies for just about every country and/or region in Latin America, Brazil, and Spain; methodology classes for beginners; ideas on how to involve children in family history; how to make best use of the resources of FamilySearch; and many more. 

To view the complete schedule we invite you to visit which is one of two websites that have been set up for the conference. Please note that the majority of the classes will be given in Spanish but there will also be a track of classes in Portuguese and a track of classes in English on both Friday and Saturday.

Preceding the conference from September 9th through the 12th will be a four-day gathering of genealogists, archivists, and professionals in the field of Hispanic research. This portion of the conference is the biannual gathering of the Asociación Iberoamericana de Genealogía, and will include presentations of research, guided tours in and around the Salt Lake area as well as in the Provo area, and some meals. This portion of the conference, sponsored by the Center for Family History and Genealogy at Brigham Young University and FamilySearch, includes a fee of $90. To register, we invite you to visit: .

Save the dates on your calendar as this will be an event you won’t want to miss. ¡Le esperamos!

FGS and RootsTech Events To Be Held In Tandem in 2015

The following is from RootsTech.

FGS and RootsTech Events
Be Held In Tandem
February 12-14, 2015 in Salt Lake City
SALT LAKE CITY – RootsTech announced today thatThe Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) will hold its 2015 National Conference in conjunction with the popular RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City, Utah,February 12-14, 2015. RootsTech, hosted by FamilySearch, has quickly become the largest family history conference in North America. The unique culture of the RootsTech conference attracts growing throngs of attendees from around the world both in-person and online seeking to discover and share family connections, stories, and history.

FGS represents the over 500,000 members of hundreds of genealogical societies and presents an annual national conference program that helps strengthen and link the genealogical community. Conducting both conferences at the same time in the same facility gives interested attendees the option to conveniently benefit from both conference programs for a nominal additional cost.

The Salt Palace Convention Center will be the common venue, and both FamilySearch and FGS will produce a unique event addressing the educational needs of the family history, technology and genealogical society communities. Attendees will see familiar elements of both events including dynamic keynote presentations, hands-on workshops, a Society Showcase and free Expo Hall.

"The FGS conference attracts genealogy society leaders that serve the needs of genealogy patrons worldwide, and RootsTech caters to a very different audience of all ages seeking to discover, preserve, and share their family stories and history," said Dan Martinez, RootsTech Director of Marketing. "Holding the two annual conferences in the same venue will create a rich learning environment and increase benefits to all attendees."

Registration details for both events will be available in August 2014.

FGS President D. Joshua Taylor states, "FamilySearch has been a valued partner and sponsor for FGS during its past conferences. It only makes sense for both organizations to work together and produce what will be the most talked about genealogy event of 2015." Taylor added that such an event brings the best of RootsTech and FGS conferences together under one roof and will offer genealogists and family historians a wide array of activities and educational opportunities.

About RootsTech
RootsTech is a unique global family history event where people of all ages learn to discover and share their family stories and connections through technology. The first annual conference was held in 2011, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by leading genealogical organizations, the conference includes hands-on demonstrations and forums to provide a highly interactive environment and accelerate learning. Content is geared all skill levels and ages, including a Family Discover Day for youth ages 12-18.

FamilySearch Announces New Family History Library Director

The following is from FamilySearch.

Diane C. Loosle Named Director of World Renowned
Family History Library

Diane_ LoosleSALT LAKE CITY-FamilySearch today announced that Diane C. Loosle is the new director of its flagship Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. She will have the responsibility of leveraging the skills of the genealogical community more efficiently to meet the growing needs of a broader worldwide audience. Loosle is a 19-year veteran of FamilySearch, a professional genealogist, experienced research consultant, patron services specialist, and business leader. FamilySearch is a growing, worldwide nonprofit organization focused on providing quicker and more affordable access to genealogical records and related services.

Loosle says a top priority for her as director of the Library will be to study the role of the Family History Library and 4,700 satellite branches worldwide called, family history centers, and how to make them discovery centers for people of all ages, not just a research facility.

"Today, our research shows that the Family History Library and our centers are great places to do genealogical research. We need to figure out how to balance the needs of researchers while increasing appeal to those with other family history interests," said Loosle. "You can't attract a younger audience and offer the same experiences. We need to offer fun experiences and activities for the entire family that will increase love, appreciation, and understanding of their ancestors."

In 2013-14, Diane says she has some very specific goals as the new director of the Family History Library:
  • Become more family and youth-oriented through providing interactive, discovery experiences.
  • Enhance the services of the library through new collaborative research areas and better access to research staff.
  • Engage more patrons from the geographic community surrounding the library.
Don Anderson, FamilySearch Senior Vice President of Patron and Partner Services, said, "Diane is unique. She is an accredited genealogist that began her career helping patrons with their personal research in the Family History Library, and then she led out on new customer service initiatives. She also holds an MBA. So she understands business objectives, has great leadership experience, and has strong genealogical knowledge as a certified and accredited genealogist. Not only is she the first female director of the Library, she is one of the most qualified and capable to ever serve in this position."

During her career at FamilySearch, Diane started helping library patrons as a research consultant. She then led the creation and expansion of new patron services initiatives, the development of the FamilySearch Wiki, and free online training content at

The Family History Library serves 400,000 patrons per year. Sixty-one percent of those visitors stay for 4+ hours. Thirty-five percent stay for 8+ hours. Fifty-two percent are from outside of Utah. Millions more frequent the thousands of family history centers worldwide or do online research daily at

FamilySearch New Collections Update 20 August 2013

The following is from FamilySearch.

FamilySearch Collections UpdateAugust 20, 2013

FamilySearch Adds Close to 1.5 Million Indexed Records and Images to Collections from Chile, Honduras, Jamaica, and the United States

FamilySearch has recently added close to 1.5 million indexed records and images from Chile, Honduras, Jamaica, and the United States. Notable collection updates include the 953,730 indexed records from the Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880–1999, collection, the 242,722 indexed records and images from the U.S., Louisiana, New Orleans Passenger Lists, 1820–1945, collection, and the 239,119 indexed records from the Chile, Civil Registration, 1885–1903, collection . See the table below for the full list of updates. Search these diverse collections and more than 3.5 billion other records for free at

Searchable historic records are made available on through the help of thousands of volunteers from around the world. These volunteers transcribe (index) information from digital copies of handwritten records to make them easily searchable online. More volunteers are needed (particularly those who can read foreign languages) to keep pace with the large number of digital images being published online at Learn more about volunteering to help provide free access to the world’s historic genealogical records online at

FamilySearch is the largest genealogy organization in the world. FamilySearch is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history. To help in this great pursuit, FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources for free at or through more than 4,600 family history centers in 132 countries, including the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Indexed Records
Digital Images
Added indexed records to an existing collection.
Added images to an existing collection.
Added indexed records and images to an existing collection.
Added indexed records and images to an existing collection.
Added indexed records to an existing collection.
Added images to an existing collection.

Canadian Books Added to

The following is from FindMyPast. Collections Head North with Debut of Canadian Books

Addition from Archives CD Books Canada Provides 200 Name-rich, Searchable Volumes

LOS ANGELES (August 16, 2013) –, an international leader in online family history, today announced the recent addition of Canadian Books from Archives CD Books Canada to the site. The collection of books cover numerous subjects in 200 volumes that span nearly three centuries of North American heritage from across the continent, including nine Canadian provinces. The Canadian Books are now available in’s continually growing collection of US and Canadian resources as a core resource for Canadian and Scotch-Irish researchers.
Dating back to the 1600s, the Canadian Books boast 71,000 pages of items such as military, religious, occupational and immigration records, business directories, published genealogies and BMDs. While a primary Canadian resource, its scope of literature crosses over various nationalities and US territories. With titles such as Sketches of Irish soldiers, The Scotch-Irish of Californiaand German-Canadian folklore the collection is valuable for people with Canadian ancestry and those who can trace their origins back to the UK or Europe.

The books feature a sizeable amount of military records with various nominal rolls and rolls of honour relating mostly to the First World War, such as The Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, University of Toronto Roll of Service 1914-1918 and 31stCanadian Infantry CEF 1914-1919.

“The vast amount of information in these books touch upon almost every aspect of daily life in the past,” said D. Joshua Taylor, lead genealogist for, “as a fundamental backbone for Canadian research, this addition furthers our mission to bring together strong resources from all parts of the English-speaking world that your ancestors migrated to.”

This collection of Canadian Books is accessible on all findmypast international sites through a World Subscription.

See below for a complete list of the Canadian Books collection on

·  A McCurdy Family History
·  Andrew Jackson.
·  British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical (vol. 3)
·  British Columbia, Canada- British Columbia from the Earliest Times to the Present, Biographical (vol. 4)
·  British Columbia, Canada- Influence of the War of 1812 upon the Settlement of the Canadian West
·  British Columbia, Canada- On Canada's Frontier
·  British Columbia, Canada- Sunset Canada - British Columbia and Beyond
·  British Columbia, Canada- The Gold Stripe, nos 1-3, 1919
·  British Columbia, Canada- Year Book, 1903
·  Bush Life in the Ottawa Valley.
·  Canada- “Canada," 1916
·  Canada- 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada, 1914 - 1919
·  Canada- 1837 Rebellion Losses, Claimants for Damages, 1849
·  Canada- 24th Battalion, C.E.F., Victoria Rifles of Canada, 1914 - 1919
·  Canada- 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery, 1914-1919
·  Canada- 42nd Battalion, C.E.F. Royal Highlanders of Canada
·  Canada- A History of the War of 1812
·  Canada- Barristers and Solicitors, 1919
·  Canada- Canada's Hundred Days
·  Canada- Canadian Militia, 1919
·  Canada- Elected Representatives and Civil Servants of the Canadian Dominion Government, 1919
·  Canada- First World War, photographs of 72 military unit badges.
·  Canada- First World War Honor Roll of the Canadian Bank of Commerce
·  Canada- First World War, Honour Roll of Bank of Hamilton & Standard Bank of Canada
·  Canada- Foreign Consuls, 1919
·  Canada- From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back
·  Canada- Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1930
·  Canada- History of the 16th Battalion CEF, 1914-1919
·  Canada- History of the 31st Canadian Infantry Battalion C.E.F.,  1914-1919
·  Canada- History of the Canadian Forces, 1914-19, Medical Services
·  Canada- History of the Twentieth Canadian Battalion (Central Ontario Regiment) C.E.F., 1914 - 1918
·  Canada- Letters from the Front, 1920
·  Canada- List of Orders and Awards, 1919
·  Canada- Listings from the Wesleyan - Methodist Almanac for Canada, 1845
·  Canada- Lovell's Canadian Dominion Directory, 1871
·  Canada- Nationwide (1872 and 1894), Quebec (1853)
·  Canada- Obituaries from The Canadian Annual Review of Public Affairs, 1906
·  Canada- Officers and Men in the First Canadian Contingent, 1914
·  Canada- Official History of the Canadian Forces in The Great War
·  Canada- Patents of Canada, 1824-1849
·  Canada- Pathfinders of the West
·  Canada- Presbyterian Pioneer Missionaries
·  Canada- Provincial Government Personnel List, 1919
·  Canada- Railways, Steamships & Steamboats in Canada
·  Canada- Regimental History of the Governor General's Foot Guards
·  Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 14th Battalion, C. E. F, 1914-1925
·  Canada- Royal Montreal Regiment, 1925-1945
·  Canada- Story of the Sixty-Sixth C.F.A.
·  Canada- The Canada Directory, 1853/1854
·  Canada- The Century Cyclopedia of Names
·  Canada- The Clergy of Canada, 1919
·  Canada- The Irishman in Canada
·  Canada- The Loyalists of America and Their Times from 1620 to 1816
·  Canada- The Peace River Country
·  Canada- The Scotch-Irish in Canada.
·  Canada- The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland (and other great sea disasters)
·  Canada- Three Years in Canada
·  Canada- Thrilling Experiences in the War in South Africa
·  Canada- Who, What & When in Canada (before the 20th Century)
·  Canada- Work of the Canadian Archives, 1908 - 1913
·  Capt. Joseph Brant’s Status as a Chief, and some of His Descendants
·  Chief Smoke Johnson.
·  Ireland- Facts About Ulster
·  Ireland- Sketches of Irish Soldiers in Every Land
·  Manitoba, Canada- 1951 List of Electors for Rural Municipality of South Norfolk
·  Manitoba, Canada- Provincial Telephone Directory #119, December 1947
·  New Brunswick Canada- New Brunswick in the 1940's
·  New Brunswick, Canada- The First Fifty Years of the Church of England in the Province of New Brunswick, 1783-1833
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- A Compendium of the Shipping of Yarmouth, 1761-1902
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- A History of the County of Antigonish
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Cape Breton, Canada
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Eastern District Telephone Directory, 1922
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Historical and Genealogical Record of the First Settlers of Colchester County
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- History of Nova Scotia (vol. 3)
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Louisbourg, an Historical Sketch.
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Nova Scotia in its Historical, Mercantile and Industrial Relations
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- One Hundred Years with the Baptists of  Amherst
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Relief Map & Directory, 1931
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Ships of War, Lost on the Coast of Nova Scotia and Sable Island, during the Eighteenth Century
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- The History of the Presbyterian Church in Cape Breton
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- The Royal Province of New Scotland and her Baronets
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth Past and Present, A Book of Reminiscences
·  Nova Scotia, Canada- Yarmouth...a Sequel to Campbells History
·  Nova Scotia, Canada, A Chapter in the History of the Township of Onslow
·  Nova Society, Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War
·  Nova Scotia- Halifax & District Telephone Directory, 1950
·  Obituary of a Noted Anthropologist (Dr. A. F. Chamberlain).
·  Ontario, Canada- A Biographical History of Waterloo Township and other Townships of the County
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of Simcoe County
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of St. John’s Church, Smiths Falls
·  Ontario, Canada- A History of the County of Grey
·  Ontario, Canada- Annual Report of St. Paul’s Church, Hamilton, 1905 - 1939
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptism records of Rev. John Langhorn(Church of England)  of Fredericksburgh, 1787-1813
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptism register of Rev. Robert McDowall (Presbyterian) of Fredericksburgh, 1800-1841
·  Ontario, Canada- Baptisms in St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Niagara.
·  Ontario, Canada- Belleville Directory, 1940
·  Ontario, Canada- Bench and Bar in the Early Days, London
·  Ontario, Canada- Berlin Celebration of Cityhood
·  Ontario, Canada- Burial records of Rev. John Langhorn.(Church of England)of Fredericksburgh, 1787-1813
·  Ontario, Canada- Canada.  Its Defences, Condition, and Resources
·  Ontario, Canada- Church of England Synod Proceedings, Extracted Personnel Data, 1944
·  Ontario, Canada- Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of Lambton
·  Ontario, Canada- Commemorative Biographical Record of the County of York
·  Ontario, Canada- David Zeisberger and his Delaware Indians
·  Ontario, Canada- Diary of a Voyage from Scotland to Canada, 1833
·  Ontario, Canada- Directory of Smiths Falls, 1948
·  Ontario, Canada- Down the Years with Our Lady of Grace Parish, 1863 - 1955
·  Ontario, Canada- Early Days at Port Ryerse
·  Ontario, Canada- Early Records of Burials in St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches
·  Ontario, Canada- Early Records of Weddings at St. Mark's and St. Andrew's Churches, Niagara
·  Ontario, Canada- Feudalism in Upper Canada  (McNab Township, Renfrew Co), 1823 - 1843
·  Ontario, Canada- First World War, London’s Honor Roll
·  Ontario, Canada- Fleming’s Farm and Live Stock Almanac, 1916
·  Ontario, Canada- Galt, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Telephone Directory, November 1958
·  Ontario, Canada- Gleanings from the Sheriff’s Records, London
·  Ontario, Canada- Golden Jubilee, the T. Eaton Co. Ltd., 1869 - 1919
·  Ontario, Canada- Governor Simcoe’s tour through Southern Ontario
·  Ontario, Canada- Hamilton Centennial 1846 - 1946
·  Ontario, Canada- Historical Sketch of Markham Township, 1793 - 1950
·  Ontario, Canada- Historical Sketches of the County of Elgin
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