Wednesday, September 17, 2008

People Like ME, Wahoo!!

I am just tickled pink that Janet Hovorka of The Chart Click, nominated me for the "I Love Your Blog Award". It's always so great to know that people like you.

The hardest part for me is just picking seven blogs that I love. Seven, are you kidden? I have to honestly say that Janet and I think a lot alike. I would nominate all the ones she said. Can a blog be nominated more than once? It sounded like Janet's blog was nominated twice but in the same day by two different people.

The rules for the award are thus:

1. Can put the logo on his/her blog

2. Must link to the person who gave the award

3. Must nominate 7 other blogs and link to them

4. Must leave a comment on each of the nominated blogs

So: the 7 blogs I nominate are:

  1. Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter by Dick Eastman. I learned about blogs from one of Dick's articles and this motivated me to start mine. He is the master.
  2. Upstate New York Genealogy Blog by Dick Hillenbrand. Full of helpful information for doing my upstate New York research.
  3. JLog by someone who likes the letter J. I like how this person thinks, might be a little sarcastic at times but I find them funny. I understand how their brain works when they explain how to use technology with my genealogy.
  4. Ancestry Insider by name withheld. I know who the Ancestry Insider is but I promised not to tell anyone. It's helpful to me to get another LDS point of view on the new FamilySearch roll-out from him.
  5. Genealogy Insider by Diane Haddad. Love the variety of subjects she reports on. Always has timely news.
  6. Genea-Musings by Randy Seaver. I just can't get over how many blogs he reads and how much testing and researching he does. How many hours in the day does Randy have? He is super human and a wonderful blogger. Always useful information.
  7. RootsMagic Blog by Bruce Buzbee. My favorite genealogy software program is giving me glimpses of what RootsMagic 4 will have. I feel like I'm sitting on a cliff hanger every week waiting for the next thing to be showcased. Keeps me coming back to learn what else is coming.
So, if you compare my list to Janet's you will see I nominated two for the award that she already had. I just couldn't resist because they are my mostest favorite and that's what the award is all about.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Renee! It'll be hard to choose just seven blogs--I'd better start looking right now:).


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for this great honor. The slap across the head, though, has struck me dumb. I haven't heard the term 'sarcastic' for many years. My few remaining friends refer to me as 'very direct', 'painfully honest' or 'endearingly wry'.