Monday, May 17, 2010

Riverton Family History Library

I've been following the discussions on the new Riverton Family History Library scheduled to open sometime in June.  I first posted about the new library in my article "24 Family History Centers  in the Salt Lake Area to Close".

The Ancestral Insider has posted an excellent article "FamilySearch Consolidating Utah Family History Centers" that gives a little more background on the building.

Al Hartmann/The Salt Lake Tribune 8/5/2009 (Salt Lake Tribune)

The AI has a link to the Salt Lake Tribune article "LDS Church Moves Computer Operations" dated 8/7/2009,  about the Church's purchase of the former Intel building at 3740 West 13400 S. So now we have our first glimpse of the building.

On FCHNET Don Snow posted about his recent trip out to see the new facilities.
My wife and I went up to Riverton to see the new Riverton FamilySearch Library last week and it is really something. It's in the 4-story building near 134th South and Bangerter Highway. The Church bought the building from Intel a couple of years ago when Intel let it go on a "fire sale". The Church calls the building the
Riverton Office Building and it already houses some offices like Welfare Services and Employment Services and some IT departments. The Riverton FamilySearch Library is on the main floor. It has 127 computer stations all linked to the FHL computers, plus several wonderfully equipped teaching rooms nearby, including one large one. The large one divides into fourths and each of the fourths seats 100, I think it is, and is equipped as a classroom. All the classrooms and seminar rooms have LCD projectors in the ceilings, plus flat panel computer monitor screens at the front. I understand that they are going to have about 50,000 microfilms, but I didn't hear how many film readers. Nor do I know how many hardcopy FH books they plan to have. There is also a large cafeteria on the main floor that's the size of the one in the Church Office Building. There is plenty of free parking right in front of the building and the building looks brand new, though it's been there for several years. I don't think Intel every fully moved into it. We were told the FS Library
Open House is planned for sometime in June and the Library will be open for patrons sometime after that. They are already planning evening FH classes and a FH seminar and are hoping that all the FH consultants from the FHC's that are closing will volunteer there. It was really impressive.
When I learn more details on the open house planned sometime in June, for the Riverton Family History Library,  I will let you know.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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