Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ward FH Progress Chart & Spreadsheet + Indexing Flyer

The following is from Robert Strange.

Ward Family History Progress Chart and Spreadsheet Program

At the St. Anthony Idaho Family History Center, we have developed a computer program to help High Priests Group Leaders (HPGL) and FH Consultants track Family History progress within the ward and then easily create a simple report for the HPGL and the bishop.

You can add and delete family names as they move in and out of the ward.

You can add and remove notes for each family as needed.

You can print copies of the Chart at any time for the FH Consultants, High Priests Group Leader and even the Bishop so their information is always up to date.

With the Ward Family History Progress Chart 

You will be able to measure FH Progress in your ward and

Visually see just what is happening


What still needs to happen!

Designed for the free program, Open Office, but will also work on Microsoft Excel

Without some kind of report, it is impossible for the HPGL to fulfill his calling.

Plus an Indexing flyer

This will provide both information and inspiration to your ward members so they will want to try Indexing.


We simply request feedback - how it's working for you.

To request a copy of the program email us at:



Email address



in your first email requesting the program so we can click reply, attach and its on its way.

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