Friday, May 21, 2010


Today has been filled with so many different emotions.  I have been happy, sad, nervous and excited.  This is all due to a job change.  Today, was my last day working for WorldVitalRecords / FamilyLink.  I've been employed there since Aug 2008.  That just seems like eons ago, but then again just yesterday.

At the recent NGS conference I happened to mention to Bruce Buzbee, the Roots Magician of RootsMagic, that I would love to work for him.  He said he would love to have me work for him.  In fact he was actually looking for someone. A few emails later and I was signed up.  I  gave my two week notice at FamilyLink and today was my last day.

My wonderful supervisors and co-workers gave me a little going away party.  That was so touching.  I didn't know what to say.  I will miss them. You always mean to stay in touch but life happens.  I sure hope I don't loose contact with them.  I am a willing volunteer for beta-testing if they need me, so I really hope they take me up on the offer.

Tomorrow, I will sit down with Bruce and get some training on my new job.  I will be doing tech support by phone and email.  The best, most terrific thing, is I can do this all from home.  That also means no more walking over to ask someone a question.  Though there is always chat. Funny thing is you can be sitting in the same room as someone just a couple cubicles away and actually chat more over IM than you do in person.  Chatting won't be that strange of a work tool for me which is good.

My emotions like I said have been full range. I will miss the people I leave. I am excited to work with another set of great people.  I just have to say I am so blessed.  I live in the right place for someone into genealogy. Utah Valley is the headquarters to a lot of great genealogy companies and I can say I work/worked for two of them.


John said...

Congratulations Renee!

You will make a great RM support tech!

I enjoy your blog!

John Blackham

Anonymous said...

I say Congratulations also! It seems to me if a person is moving, they are not becoming stagnant. Good Luck and keep your blogs coming.

Cindy said...

Renee you're right, it's difficult to close one door when another opens, it leaves you with a feeling of uncertainty but you'll do great I'm sure. You truly are blessed in that you can live & work in the area that holds so many great companies in the genealogy industry to work for. I must say that I'm very jealous in that regard :) Very best of luck to you in your new position.

Miriam Robbins said...

Renee, you have a dream life...going from one great genealogy company to another! I can see how you would have such mixed feelings! Congratulations!