Sunday, September 02, 2007

9 Months of Ancestry for $13.49

I'm always looking for a good deal and boy have I found one. I have been watching the Family Tree Maker mailing list for a while now. It's been very interesting, especially with all the buzz about FTM 2008. The beta testers didn't have to many good things to say about it. Now that the retail version is available many dissatisfied users have been going back to FTM version 16.

Some of the things dissatisfied FTM 2008 users have mentioned is that the program only comes with a 14 day subscription to Ancestry. It won't let you view the FTM CDs that came with the older versions. Some are also having problems having all their info transfer into FTM 2008 because of the redesign.

Well today I found a fantastic deal to purchase FTM Deluxe 16 for $13.49, with shipping it's $18.48. Now you have to use the following link to get this deal and I don't know how long the price is good for. Remember is version 16 and not the most current one.

I know your wondering why a loyal Legacy user would purchase FTM. The answer is very simple - for what is included in the box. Here is a list of things included with the program:
  • 9 Month Subscription to - (Up to $270 Value!)
  • New! Historical Documents of Your Ancestors
  • New! Historical Maps and Images Collection (DVD included)
  • Images and Photos Collection (DVD included)
  • New! Official Family Tree Newsletter
  • Concise Genealogy Dictionary ($14 Value!)
  • Official Guide to Family Tree Maker ($25 Value!)
  • Official Family Tree Training DVD ($15 Value!)
  • Official Reference Library ($50 Value!)
  • Family Tree Workbook ($20 Value!)
  • 30 Minute Genealogy Consultation ($60 Value!)
  • GenSmarts for ($25 Value!)
That is a combined value of $380 included extras with the software. The other plus to me purchasing Family Tree Maker software is my ability to use it when I need to. I only have FTM version 7 and let me tell you it has come in handy when researchers I collaborate with send me a FTM file and not a GEDCOM. Now with a redesign it might be even more important to have the last best working version of FTM in this older format.

I'm excited about this bargain. Since I purchased the budget shipping it will take 7-10 days to come. Now the question is how do I hide it from my husband when it comes?


Laura said...

Wow! What a deal! Thanks for the info. As of today, 10 Sept 2007, it looks like it has gone up to $34.95. Still a deal!

Is the Ancestry subscription World or US membership, including newspapers, etc.?

Renee Zamora said...

I have received the program and it is the US Membership for Ancestry that comes with it. Getting GenSmarts for free is a excellent deal too. I am really pleased with this special. To bad the $13.49 rate is over.