Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFS Roll-out Continues

It appears that we are looking at our first LDS Temple District outside of the United States preparing to go live with New FamilySearch.

This is what I just read on a mailing list.
We have just been notified that our "temple district is scheduled for the new FamilySearch roll-out in October, so they are anxious to have the family history people and programs in place."

"As part of an ongoing effort to simplify temple and family history work, a new streamlined process for submitting ancestral names to the temple is being introduced. This process includes a new software system found on the Internet at Members in your temple district will begin using this new process within the next several weeks. Representatives of the Family and Church History Department will be working directly with family history center directors and family history consultants to implement the new process."

Calgary, Canada
My only problem now is determining if Calgary is in the Edmonton or Cardston, Alberta Temple District? Since "rumor" has it that the smaller temples are being rolled out first with NFS, I would tend to lean towards the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Temple as my choice. Then again you can't always trust rumors. I was "told" that the roll-out was being delayed and no more temples were going live until the new year. So much for that rumor!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Anonymous said...

Calgary, Alberta belongs to the Cardston Temple District.

Deanna Bullock
Edmonton, Alberta