Friday, September 21, 2007

ONE Year of Ancestry for $15.49

I wrote earlier this month about purchasing "9 Months of Ancestry for $13.49". This was by purchasing Family Tree Maker Deluxe 16 from "Nothing But Software". I was very pleased with the speed of service of NBS and all that came with the FTM Deluxe 16. Well now Nothing But Software has another special even better - FTM v16 Collector's Edition for $15.49. What is extra great about this deal is you get a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to with it.

Now you need to following this link:
Code=37961&ai=0 in order to get this special rate.

Take a look at the link to see all the additional items you get with FTM v16 Collector's Edition. Besides your one year subscription to you all so get GenSmarts. I discovered that even though this version of GenSmarts works with FTM it will also let you GEDCOM from any other program to use it's features. That was a fantastic plus for me. It's not the latest version of GenSmarts its version but it still works great. It was only in May 2007 that version 2 was released so version 1 isn't that old.

Why would you want GenSmarts? Because it will analyze the missing information in your database and recommend where to search for that information. If you would like more information on GenSmarts go to I've been happy with my purchase - just love to get items cheap and with lots of extras. I might not personally use Family Tree Maker software but it's always great to have it around encase someone shares their database with you in that file format. Some people just don't get the GEDCOM concept.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Jud Wooters said...

I wish you hadn't posted this ... as I bought the version that had 9 months free the day after you posted. I have not yet signed up for my 9 free months and wonder if there is an expiration date on un-initiated free trials. I think you know where I'm going with this ... can you stockpile copies of FTM just to get back to back free subscriptions? Just thought I'd ask what I'm sure everyone else is thinking.

NevadaGenealogist said...

I wondered the same thing as jud. Also is the included free year for the US version or the World version? If it's the US can it be upgraded to the World version? The cheapest I've seen for the 2 subscriptions is [$99 US and $199 World] at:
I've ordered it as well. Thanks for the tip.

Renee Zamora said...

Seems like Ancestry would have to answer your questions. Here is their number: 1-800-ANCESTRY.

The Deluxe version only had the US Collection of Ancestry. I am not sure which version to Ancestry the Collector's Edition offers.

Anonymous said...

ANCESTRY told me that they could UPGRADE to World, if you only have U.S. program.
I imagine you'd still be paying the full rate for their WORLD, but I think getting 'U.S.' databases for one year for 15.95 is a great price! (You did get it, and it IS for all their U.S. databases?)
Thanks! Sounds good to me! I have a subscription til Apr., but I bet if I bought it, it could be added on at the END of my current subscription.

Anonymous said...

I ordered FTM, but when I received it I found out my CD drive no longer works. (I hadn't used it in at least 6 months.) The manufacturer wouldn't allow me to download the program, and Nothing But Software offered a refund if I wanted to return FTM (which I didn't). I wound up going to my son's to copy the CD to a flash drive and installed it from there. My ONLY reason for buying FTM was to get the free Ancestry offer. I've loved RootsMagic (and Family Origins before that) for years. Imagine my surprise when I found out that FTM searches Ancestry for me. Of course, it's not perfect but it saves me a lot of time and hassle. I'll still use RM and import my GEDCOM into FTM to use with Ancestry. I was very pleased with Nothing But Software's quick delivery (I requested standard delivery, but they gave me fast shipping for no extra charge) and with their response when I asked if I could download the program. I'll probably be buying more from them in the future and I'll be telling others about them.